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Properties of Other Ingredients

Germall Plus Liquid- a paraben-free preservative, INCI: Propylene Glycol (and) Diazolidinyl Urea (and) Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate

Optephin- A paraben and formaldehyde-free preservative! Optiphen is a unique liquid preservative formulation which consists of phenoxyethanol and an emollient base, INCI: Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol Finally, . For use in a variety of formulas such as aqueous, anhydrous and emulsion products. Optiphen is a clear liquid preservative that can be easily added directly to the formulation during pre- or post-emulsification, at or below 80°C. Optiphen has no pH restrictions in formulating, and is compatible with most ingredients used in the personal care industry

Potassium Sorbate - 100% All Natural

INCI: Potassium Sorbate
Potassium sorbate is the salt of sorbic acid (natural fatty acid). In water potassium sorbate releases sorbic acid which is the active agent. Appearance: White, fine granules, Slight sweet odor. Easily soluble in cold water.
It is a very effective preservative active against molds, yeast and aerophile bacteria in a wide pH range of 2-6.5 and for extended periods of time. Potassium Sorbate is water soluble and can be used effectively in both lotions and water-based liquid soap and shampoo formulations. Although the minimum inhibatory concentration for many fungi and bacteria is approx. 100 ppm, common usage levels range from 0.5 - 1.0%.

Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera is used externally to treat a number of skin irritations. It has antiseptic and antibiotic properties which make it highly valuable in treating cuts and abrasions. It has also been commonly used to treat first and second degree burns, as well as sunburns and poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac infections, and eczema. It can also be used as a hair styling gel and works especially well for curly or fuzzy hair.

Apricot Shell - (granulated): Effective cleansing and scrubbing agents that leave a glowing, silky finish to your skin.

Beeswax - (also known as Cera alba and Cera flava) is used in cosmetic and skincare products as a thickening agent, emulsifier, and humectant and has emollient, soothing and softening properties and helps the skin retain moisture.

Citric Acid - comes from the fermentation of crude fruit sugars and is chiefly used to help extend a products shelf life, in retaining a products texture and guarding against appearance loss. It is also a fabulous base ingredient in bath fizzies and scrubbing salts. Blends easily and fluidly without creating a gritty feeling to the final product. All Natural

Corn Meal - Effective natural cleansing and scrubbing agents.

Cetyl alcohol - Fatty alcohol used as an emollient, emulsifier, thickener, and carrying agent for other ingredients. Can be derived naturally, as in coconut fatty alcohol, or synthetically. It is not an irritant and is not related to sd alcohol or ethyl alcohol.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine - One of the more gentle surfactants used in skin-care products

Cocamide DEA - Diethanolamides are excellent foam boosters, stabilizers and viscosity builders/modifiers for shampoos, hand soaps and bath products. This product is derived from whole coconut and contains glycerin for added conditioning properties

Emulsifying Wax - INCI: Emulsifying Wax NF.

Emulsifying Wax is an easy to use, effective emulsifier for creams and lotions (oil in water type- o/w). These creamy white pastilles are melted in the oil phase. They are non-ionic and produce stable emulsions, even at a pH of 13. E-wax pastilles are a pleasure to work with.They have a pleasant light scent, yet do not add any odor to your formula. You can also increase the thickness of a formula with a slightly higher percentage, eliminating the need for use of additional ingredients. E-wax works excellently as the sole emulsifier, thickener and stabilizer in an emulsion. It is compatible with other ingredients like stearic acid or cetyl alcohol though, so it can be used in combination if desired.

Goat Milk - The benefits of goat milk are legendary. It has been used for centuries as a luxurious beauty aid. The low pH level of goat milk is close to our skin’s own pH, making it a very gentle cleanser. Goat milk also contains alpha-hydroxy acids, which are known for their restorative and rejuvenating qualities.

Honey - Honey is extremely nourishing for the skin when used as face pack and helps in rejuvenating the skin leading to the elimination of fine wrinkles. It is a good moisturizer.

Honey Powder - Honey Powder is natural honey that has been spray dried into a fine white powder. Honey is reputed to have antiseptic and antibacterial properties and can be used to treat a variety of ailments such as cuts, wounds and burns. Its antiseptic properties inhibit the growth of certain bacteria and help to keep external wounds clean and free from infection. As such Honey Powder can be used as part of balms or healing salve.
Honey Powder is said to have anti-aging properties. Honey is a humectant, having the ability attract and retain moisture, and to rebuild the moisture level in the skin without making it oily. Therefore, it can be used as a skin softener and in anti-aging products. Honey powder can absorb moisture when exposed to air. If it hardens, a food processor can be used.

Menthol - A carefully crafted, natural product that originates from Mint essential oil extraction. Menthol crystals come from freezing the base concentrate oil from a common mint, Mentha arvensis. From here the crystals are commonly applied to cosmetics, salves and balms, which are created to assist in coughs, congestion, upper respiratory problems, and the Flu. A great inhalant by itself and easily combined into recipes.

Menthol is a compound obtained from Peppermint Oil. The anti-fungul and anti-bacteria action of Menthol has been studied extensively. Menthol Crystals finds diverse applications because of its characteristic aroma, flavor, and its cooling effect. Menthol Crystals can be used in perfumes, cosmetics, analgesic balms, lotions, creams, shampoos and conditioners.

Oatmeal - Colloidal oatmeal, which is oatmeal converted to a fine powder, has been used for thousands of years to cure itchiness. Keep in mind that this type of oatmeal cannot be eaten! Its natural properties are hailed by the US Food and Drug Administration, an organization hesitant to call anything natural before careful scientific study. Oatmeal has been proven to protect the skin and provide relief towards itching. In addition, it is an excellent irritation healer. When insect bites and poisonous plants ravage your skin, oatmeal can be used to relieve these skin rashes. Enthusiasts also used oatmeal powder in hot baths. When you add oatmeal powder into your warm bathwater, the water turns milky which allows the oatmeal to disperse rather than settle to the bottom. In addition to its healing properties, immersing yourself in a tub of oatmeal powder feels great.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate - Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate is a free flowing white powder. This versatile product is excellent for use in powdered bubble baths, bath salts, cream and paste shampoos, cleansing creams, and syndet bars. Provides excellent foaming and viscosity response. This material is excellent for blending into so called "bath bombs" or bath fizzees, which are various mixes of citric acid, sodium bicarbonate and other fillers. With the fizzing action caused by the citric-bicarbonate reaction, the gas released will cause the Sulfoacetate to foam, creating a bubble bath. The main difference between SLS and SLSA is the molecule size. SLSA having a large molecule that cannot penetrate the skin, making it a safe alternative for substitution for SLS whos molecule size is small and skin penetrable.

Sea Kelp - Effective deep cleansing and detoxifying agents that leave skin smooth and revitalized.

Stearic Acid - A white, waxy, natural acid found vegetable fats. Stearic acid is from vegetable origins and is manufactured and designed to blend well with your cosmetic recipes. These small flakes are ideal as an emulsifying agent in creams, lotions, deodorants and most natural body care. Stearic acid is best known for the "pearly" and "waxy" feel that it adds to your body care products, which ultimately has a cooling effect when applied on the skin. Used to retain moisture and helpful in pulling oxygen and bringing it into the skin.

Vegetable Glycerine - is a natural emollient that adds a cooling effect on the skin and has found itself in most skin care products and soaps. Also very useful in making non-alcohol herbal extracts, which are called glycerites. This makes for a sweet alcohol free extract that can be easily administered to children and animals.

Wheat Protein - Hydrolyzed wheat protein is also known as phyto peptides. It is an effective substitute for hydrolyzed animal protein derived by acid, enzyme, or other method of hydrolysis. It offers conditioning, moisturizing and film forming properties and is widely in skin care products to help skin retain its moisture and improve its overall appearance.

Xanthan Gum - This is a thickener and emulsion stabilizer. All Natural.

Zinc Oxide - Zinc Oxide is a white powder with wonderful astringent properties. It physically works to provide 28 times the skin's natural protections against harmful UVA & UVB rays and has a great soothing effect for use in many skin preparations. On top of this, it is an inert ingredient, often used to thicken lotions and creams. We do not use Zinc in any of our products at this time.