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A Mystery Eau de Parfum | Created just for you!
Mystery Eau de Parfum | Created just for you!
Create Your Own Perfume

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Choose a Personality Trait*:
Alice in La La Land
Articulate and Thorough
Cantankerous and Critical
Cat Lady
Cowardly and Withdrawn
Dark & Sultry
Drama Queen
Fresh & Clean
Imaginative and Fairy Like
In the Mood for Love
Life of the Party
Namer of Clouds
Sex Goddess
Suspicious Character
Sweet & Innocent
Wizardly Beast

Choose Your Base Note*:

Perfume Bottle

Choose your Perfume Bottle*:

Tell us more! Name your perfume.*:

A Mystery Eau de parfum that only you will have! We will create a unique fun fragrance experience that beholds only to you! Based on the selections that you make and other notes you leave us, we will work our magic!

After selecting your options add any information that you would like for us to know before we begin our Mad Scientist formulation. Be sure to let us know of any allergies and definite dislikes! We want you to love the creation.

Oh and don't forget to name your Eau de parfum. Your bottle will have a unique artistic label and the name of your parfum will be hand written on the label.

Once you receive your
Eau de parfum please share on our facebook page for all the world to see and let us know how you like your unique fragrance! Your Eau de parfum will be fresh when you receive it. Make sure to shake your Eau de parfum at least once a day for a few days. The Eau de parfum will just get better over time.

Step 1. Choose a personality trait that you want your
Eau de parfum created around.
Step 2. Choose your base note. Select the one you love the most!
Step 3. Choose your bottle. We offer 1/2 ounce Roll-on and your
Eau de parfum will be mixed with Jojoba Oil. Or Choose the 1/2 ounce spray and your Eau de parfum will be mixed with a perfumer's alcohol.

**When choosing between Jojoba Oil and Perfumer's Alcohol it is really a matter of personal preference. Some just don't like the alcohol. However a perfume created with alcohol will have a greater initial punch when sprayed. Personally we like that and the alcohol scent if any goes away very quickly once sprayed. But the choice is up to you.

**What if I don't like my Eau de parfum when I receive it? Although we know you will love it, contact us for instructions on how to return it for a refund.

The following will give you a good idea of how we created your unique fragrance/
Eau de parfum.

We will choose 2 to 3 Top Notes. The top notes of all fragrances are responsible for its very first impression. They are fresh and light and represent the story of the fragrance. They set the stage, so to speak and are meant to entice and intrigue. Their function is to attract, but also to smoothly transition into the middle notes to come. They are generally the lightest and most volatile of all notes as they evaporate between five and thirty minutes of application. With perfumes, they are immediately perceived as soon as the fragrance is applied to the skin.
Top notes might last a couple of hours, but they are meant to evaporate. For this reason, they are usually comprised of lighter oils.

We will c
hoose 2 to 3 Heart Notes, also known as Middle Notes. The foundation of any fragrance lies in its middle notes which make up anywhere from 40 to 80% of the total scent. They sneak in once the initial rush of the top notes make their exit. The middle notes actually comprise the heart of the fragrance and their job is to beguile and bewitch the user into an intoxicating swirl of scent and memory. They greatly influence the base notes waiting in the wings by acting as a buffer of sorts.
Generally pleasant, mellow and balancing, middle note compounds are much more complex than the top notes. They are often comprised of a smooth combination of floral or fruit tones that are sometimes steeped with strong spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg or cardamon. They only become noticeable after the top notes are gone and they take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to unfold on the skin.

We will choose 1 to 2 Base Notes based on your selection of base note. Both the heart and the base notes work together to deepen the scent introduced in the top note about 30 minutes after application. They mingle their molecules together to create the full body of the fragrance, comprising in the end about 10-25% of the total aroma. The base notes are usually associated with the dry-down period and their ultimate function is to provide to the user a lasting impression of the fragrance. They are the final notes and only appear after the others have completely evaporated. They are often very rich and smooth and are the longest lasting of the three classes of notes.
  • fragrance, jojoba oil, or 200 proof SDA 40-B

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