Bath Bombs...gotta have em...can't live without em!

Along with our other Bath Time treats such as Bubble Bars, Bath Melts, and Body Care, Moon's Harvest Bath & Body Shop has so many bath bombs to choose from. From "Extra Buttery" to our "To the Moon" signature collection, there are lots and lots of choices. Made fresh by hand, packaged with care and delivered to your door! Every New Season, Holiday, or Special Day brings out the creativity in us! We continuously add fresh and new bath collections for you to enjoy during these special times throughout the year.

Our Vegan recipe for our scrumptious products contain light, moisturizing oils and butters that will leave your skin so soft and silky, and the delicious aromas only add to the experience. We use FDA certified color additives (where applicable) that will not stain you or your tub. We are Paraben Free, Phathalate Free, and...

CRUELTY FREE...We do not test on animals and neither does any other company in our supply chain. We use only Sustainable Palm Oil in our products.

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Dark Moon Bubble Bath Bar

Bubble Bath Bars

Dark Moon Bubble Bar - A rich blend of herbal tea infused with sweet and tart berries, citrus...

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In Shower Body Oils

In Shower Body Oil

New Body Oil formula with just the right combination of light nourishing oils in our Newest Spring Fragrances.

Bath Bombs Spring Limited Edition

Bath Bombs

Check out our Fun Spring Line. Created just for Spring and are a limited edition. Each one has a fun and functional attribute that...

Some Key Ingredients

Lots of thought and creativity go into the designing of our bath bombs, bubble bars, and other fun bath products. The ingredients we choose to use are of the utmost quality. All of our ingredients are purchased through reputable suppliers right here in the USA. We take the time to research our suppliers to ensure they are a Cruelty Free Company. We only use the ingredients needed to create our little works of art and we leave out the unnecessary fillers. To see more ingredients that we sometimes use in a product that we create you can visit this link.

Cocoa Butter
Solid fat expressed from the seed of the cocoa plant, Theobroma cocao, native to Mexico and Theobroma leiocarpum, native to Brazil. This natural moisturizer melts at your body's temperature and is high in fatty acids. We use Cocoa Butter in most of our Extra Buttery Bath Bombs and our Bath Melts.

Soybean Oil
This natural oil is a strong source of anti-oxidant nutrients rich in Vitamin B, E, and K. A great source of Linolenic Acid which helps the skin to absorb the nutrients. Soybean Oil's greatest benefit is the protecting and repairing the skin from UV damage. For this reason we choose to use Soybean Oil in all of our Bath Bombs.

Cream of Tartar
AKA Potassium bitartrate, is a byproduct of wine making. In cooking it is used as a leavening agent. In our Bubble Bars it has a similar use. By combining Cream of Tartar with our baking soda it creates carbon dioxide gas. This is very useful in our Solid Bubble Bars, by helping to make tubs full of creamy bubbles.

Bath Bomb Vanilla Sandalwood G. Tea Bath Bomb Vanilla Sandalwood & G. Tea

Made with skin loving Green Tea. The earthy but sweet fragrance of bold sandalwood and...

Price: $4.99
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Bath Bomb Pear Moon Bath Bomb Pear Moon

Created by a MH Fan! A harmonious blend of D'Anjou pears, creamy vanilla, with a hint...

Price: $5.99
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Magical Mushrooms Cocoa Butter Melts Magical Mushrooms Cocoa Butter Melts

Magical Melty Mushroom Bath Melts...

Price: $3.25
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Bath Bomb Creamy Brulee & Caramel Bath Bomb Creamy Brulee & Caramel

The delightful aroma of creamy vanilla custard...

Price: $4.99
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In Stock
Bath Bomb Orchard Moon Bath Bomb Orchard Moon

Created by a MH Fan! Wild blackberries on the vine and fresh plums pulled right off the tree. Sugar cane, brown sugar...

Price: $5.99
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In Stock
Bath BombCapri Olivo Bath Bomb Capri Olivo

Fresh Osmanthus (Sweet Olive), and dew-covered watercress...

Price: $4.99
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